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For the culinary people in your life buy an original and unique gift idea such as a Kaffir Lime Plant. Kaffir Lime Plants and Kaffir Lime Trees have aromatic and distinctively shaped leaves which are commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. The fruit is bumpy, rough and green and only reach approx 4cm wide. The plant has glossy evergreen leaves, produces white fragrant flowers and small lime fruits. The leaves can be used in cooking either fresh, dried or from frozen. The zest of the fruit is widely used in Creole cuisine and like lemons; the limes provide an added twist to ice cold drinks.

Kaffir limes or kaffir plants are a great gift choice for the person who loves their Asian and Thai food. Normally you can visit a Thai supermarket and buy the leaves dried, but generally this is an expensive option so having your own kaffir lime plant so you can use the Thai leaves to flavour those Asian recipes is not only the cheaper option but the flavour of using fresh Thai lime leaves in cooking has to be the number one choice, not only do kaffir limes plants produce aromatic Thai leaves but the kaffir lime plant also produces medium size bumpy green fruit. The fruit from the kaffir lime plant can be cut and the juice squeezed, and to give a real zesty tang why not grate the rind of the fruit and add into Thai food or sweet desserts. Kaffir lime plants have a very versatile use and make a great gift for cooks and a great plant gift for Christmas, Birthdays, House Warming or just a simple thank you gift.

The kaffir lime plant is well suited to being grown in containers and will make the perfect present for someone who likes to cook or someone who is interested in exotic plants. They thrive well on the window sill and will fragrance the room wherever they are placed. This plant will make a great 'talking point' at any dinner party.

The juice and rinds of the kaffir lime plant are used in traditional Indonesian medicine. For this reason the fruit is sometimes referred to in Indonesia as Jeruk Obat - literally 'medicine citrus'. The oil from the kaffir lime fruit also has strong insecticidal properties making it a great choice of citrus plant gift.