Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Sunday 14th February 2010

Valentines day is soon approaching and on the 14th of February gifts and presents are exchanged between loved ones all across the world. Valentines day is steeped in history but we won’t bore you with that, all we know is that February has always been the month for romance and a special day for those in love. In some countries around the world, each country has different customs on how they celebrate Valentines Day.

In Turkey, Valentines day is known as “Sweethearts day". In Brazil it’s called “Boyfriend/Girlfriends" day. In France traditionally, a catholic country. Valentines day is known as “Saint Valentin” with celebrations similar to those of western countries.

Way back in the 1600’s the first St Valentines celebrations started in the UK. Since then this day has grown in popularity with people sending cards, flowers and gifts to loved ones. Valentine cards will adorn the shops displaying cupid and his little bow and arrow. Now valentines day is the second largest card sending occasion after Christmas day. So to get you started we have produced the essential valentines guide for unique and original gift ideas for your loved one. All needn’t cost you a fortune as it is the thought behind it that counts. So here we go.....

One of the most popular choices of gifts to give your loved one on Valentines Day has to be flowers and roses. Flowers for Valentines always go down well with your Valentine. All flowers varieties are popular choices, whether it be carnations, scented freesia’s, Lily’s, all of what make great flower gifts, especially Roses , pink and white Roses, red and pink Roses all are great combinations in flower bouquets. The number one choice has to be Red Roses, or even a single red rose for your Valentine. All can be arranged in bouquet or a hand tied arrangement with a gift card for your message. Red symbolises the colour of Love, so red Roses on valentines day is sure to please any wife and girlfriend. Or maybe you would like to consider an indoor pot plant for valentines, Orchids, citrus plants , Olives, Bay trees, basket arrangements and potted Roses all make great gift ideas for him or for her on Valentines Day.

All maybe sent out with a gift card sending a special message to ones sweetheart. For an everlasting gift, why not choose a plant with a memorable name. Here are a few of our suggestions. Why not try Rose My Valentine, Rose Valentine Heart, I love you, with love, crazy for you, or even Rose wee cracker or why not go for Camellia desire or even the delightful Pieris Valley Valentine. All have stunning flowers and make beautiful and lasting gifts for your Valentine. There are plenty of cheap and inexpensive gifts for valentines so it need not cost the earth if your on a budget or perhaps you might have several Valentines to buy for.

A love poem, a Valentine song all are unique gifts for valentines day or why not show your flair in the cookery department and cook a romantic dinner or bake a cake, all are great and original ideas for valentines.

For those wishing to spend a little more on Valentine's day there is an array of, luxury gifts, here are our suggestions to make person in your life feel special. Why not choose a fine piece jewellery, diamonds are a girls best friend so they say or perhaps if you are feeling really extravagant; why not go on a romantic break away, or even a champagne balloon flight. All make different and unique valentines gifts for the wife or girlfriend. Valentines day is not just for the ladies it has become very popular to send your husband a card or a gift on Valentine's day. If trying to go for something a little more original, maybe a personalized gift for valentines, remember it mean’s so much more when it is personalised. There is a wide selection of personalised gifts around.