Citrus Plants

Buy Citrus Plants Including Lemons, Oranges, Limes, Kaffir Limes, Satsuma's And Clementine's

Lemon plants and Lemon trees provide all year-round interest as they an evergreen plant and produce flowers and lemon fruits throughout the year. If you buy Lemon 4 Seasons or Meyer Lemon Trees you will have lemon fruit ready to pick at any time - perfect to add that citrus lemon twist to any ice cold drink! Place your lemon plant or lemon tree on the kitchen window-sill ready for you to pick fresh lemons and add flavour to your cooking. Lemon trees and lemon plants produce fragrant white flowers which will fill any room with an exquisite fragrance. As an indoor plant, lemon plants and lemon trees will take pride of place in any home. Buy your citrus lemons, citrus oranges, citrus grapefruits and kaffir limes plants from Giftaplant.

Lemon fruit also have many medicinal qualities. Lemon balm is particularly soothing to cold sores, the essential oils of lemons have bleaching properties that can help age spots fade and lemon juice acts as a fantastic hair rinse after shampooing, reducing the oiliness of hair.

Once, only thought of as a tropical plant, the lemon tree or lemon plant has acclimatised it's habitat to grow successfully in our homes as attractive indoor plant. Whilst citrus plants or lemon plants are not frost hardy, they will live happily in a home, greenhouse or conservatory, they also thrive outside on warm summer days. Lemon plants are self pollinating, so you only need one lemon plant to ensure an endless supply of fresh juicy lemons. Why not create a collection of exotic plants by adding an Olive tree, Bay tree or even a Citrus plant such as the Kaffir lime plant - we have a great selection of Citrus plants to choose from for that unique plant gift or present idea.

Buy a lemon tree as a Christmas Gift and make it a plant gift to be remembered by. If you run a business and intend to give your customers a 'thank you' gift - why not buy a lemon tree or lemon plant. Lemon plants make great corporate gift ideas. Finding a gift or a present becomes harder each year - what better and easier solution than a plant and flower gift for all occasions? We can even deliver a lemon tree or lemon plant gift wrapped to any destination in the UK. This Christmas, be prepared and sort out your Christmas present and gift selections early, don't leave it too late and miss out on this unique Christmas gift idea - remember a lemon tree or lemon plant, if given the right care and attention will give you much pleasure over the coming years.